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Owner and Head Cake Artist of Cassandra Cake Co

Hi there! My name is Cassandra and I am the owner at Cassandra Cake Co. I have been a cake artist for over 15 years and have loved every minute of it. Cassandra Cake Co is a custom bakery specializing in bespoke cakes and desserts. From birthdays to weddings CCC will make your sweet dreams come true. 

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I have known I was a baker since a very young age. I consider myself very lucky to have found my passion so early on in life! It all started when I discovered the food network on my cable box tv I was allowed to have in my bedroom when I turned 7. From baking cupcakes with my grandma to watching my mom bake bread,  baking has always felt natural and something I was meant to do.


Finally after years of making messes in my mother's kitchen- she was determined to find me a creative outlet that would involve less dishes for her. She basically begged a local bakery to let her 11 year old daughter volunteer and wash dishes - thinking back to it now, I still can’t believe they said yes! 

Since then, I've worked in a handful of bakery’s as a cake artist before I decided to launch CCC. I always made cakes at home for friends and family as “Cassie Cakes” but made it official in May of 2020. It was a big jump but I haven’t looked back! 


If I am ever not baking I am probably doing some kind of craft, working on my next crazy idea, or kickboxing! Though cake truly does control my life. 


Owner at Cassandra Cake Co

I first approached Cassandra when my oldest daughter started showing an interest in baking. I wanted her to learn some new skills and explore her new passion- Cassandra offered to mentor her and before we knew it my daughter was one of the first unofficial employees at Cassandra Cake Co. I joined forces with Cassandra in November of 2021 when we found our first location on Marpole. Having known each other for years as co workers and friends, we discovered how well we work together. 


My day job is working at a car dealership, which I have been doing for over 25 years. My passions include volunteering, fitness and Disney! I have been a volunteer with the Soroptismists for as long as I can remember-supporting and empowering women to be their best selves.

If I am not working at one of my 3 jobs you can find me hitting the bags at 30 Minute Hit, spending time with my family, or watching my guilty pleasure christmas hallmark movies.

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